A. J. P. H. B. M. R. Senaka Bandara

State Mortgage & Investment Bank

A. J. P. H. B. M. R. Senaka Bandara – Director

Mr. A. J. P. H. B. M. R. Senaka Bandara, was appointed as a Director to the Board of Directors of SMIB on 2 nd of January 2020 and performing up to the date.

In profession Mr. Senaka Bandara is an Attorney-at-Law, obtained 2 nd Class honors at the Attorneys- at-Law final Examination and was called to the bar in December 2010 and he has completed 10 years in active practice in both Criminal and Civil areas in law. Further he has been practicing in original Courts and appellate Courts on behalf of corporate clients and Individuals. He represents Many Governments Institutes in court cases such as Bank Of Ceylon, SriLanka Insurance Company, Peoples Bank, Petroleum Corporation, and Land Reform Commission.

Before he called to the bar he worked as Principal of certified school of Probation and children protection Department and he holds B.A. Criminology (special) degree with 2 nd class upper pass. He was also a journalist worked in several Electronic media.

Mr. Senaka Bandara is reading for his LL.M Degree in Criminal Justice administration at Open University of SriLanka (OUSL).