Special Loan Schemes

A customised loan scheme that provides financial support for employees of the Ministry of Mass Media.

Special Loan Scheme for Ministry of Mass Media

A customised loan scheme that provides financial support for employees of the following Institutions.

  • Department of Government Information
  • Independent Television Network Ltd
  • Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation
  • Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation
  • Sri Lanka Press Council
  • The Associated Newspapers of Ceylon Ltd (Lake House)
  • Selacine Television Institute


  • Applicant should be a confirmed permanent government employee
  • Purpose of the Loan Scheme
  • To construct or purchase a house.
  • To purchase a block of land to build a house.
  • To extend the existing house.
  • To complete construction of partly build house.
  • To effect improvements/repairs to the existing house.
  • To purchase properties for agricultural purposes.
  • To finance the requirements of tourism, agricultural and fishing.
  • To redeem loans obtained from a recognized financial institution for above mentioned purposes.

Loan amount

  • Minimum loan amount – Rs.100,000
  • Maximum Loan amount
    – Mortgage Loan Scheme – Rs.50 Mn
    – Personal Property Mortgage scheme Rs.50 Mn
    – Personal Loan scheme – Rs.05 Mn

Repayment Period

  • Minimum :One year
  • Maximum
    – Mortgage Loan Scheme – 25 years (Age up to 70 years)
    – Property personal Loan – 15 years (Age up to 70 years)
    – Personal Loan Scheme – 10 years (Age up to 60 years/ Retirement Date)

Documents Required

  • Duly completed personal loan application form
  • Copy of NIC, Driving License or valid Passport
  • Letter from the employer confirming the employee details and salary.
  • Any other documents required if any upon bank request

Conditions apply

For more information visit our nearest SMIB Branch or Contact Us via our Call Centre on 1922