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Maximize Returns, Minimize Limits – Higher returns with the freedom to withdraw at your convenience.

Features and Benefits

Special Savings Product offers competitive interest rates based on slabs to maximize savings potential.

Interest Rate

Min Rs.

Max Rs.

Interest rate (Per Annum)
















  • Attractive interest rates are based on your daily balance.
  • SMIB Max Saver account can be opened with an initial deposit of Rs. 1,000.
  • A balance of Rs. 5,000 should be maintained to be eligible for interest income.
  • Flexibility to earn higher interest as savings increase.
  • Ability to nominate an account beneficiary.
  • Interest is calculated on the daily balance and credited monthly.
  • Greater flexibility to withdraw any number of times without any interest penalties.

Terms & Conditions

  • The interest rates offered on accounts are subject to change based on prevailing market conditions. The bank reserves the right to adjust these rates accordingly without prior notice.
  • A deduction of LKR 25 will apply to accounts maintaining a balance below LKR 500. This fee will be charged monthly to the respective accounts falling below the minimum balance requirement.
  • An account holder must maintain a minimum balance of LKR 5,000 to be eligible for accruing interest income. Failure to maintain this minimum balance may result in the account not qualifying for interest earnings for that period.
  • Interest is calculated based on the daily account balance and credited to the account monthly. The interest rate applied will be following the bank’s prevailing rates.
  • Account holders enjoy greater flexibility as there are no penalties or reductions in interest for making any number of withdrawals within a specified period. This allows you to access your funds as needed without impacting the interest earned.
  • A passbook will be issued.
  • Normal savings-related charges/fees will be applicable.

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